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CD Albums

Our latest compilation: A two CD compilation drawn from our audio archives spanning the entire 40 years of OAT personnel and performance.
(2 CD Jewel Case - Counts as 1 item for shipping)


Old Enough To Drink

Actually, we were pushing 30 when this was recorded..

!Now Avaiable as a Digital Download at!

Sold Out in CD format, Sorry!

A compilation of both of OAT's previous vinyl releases:
Sowing Wild Oats and Out on a Limb.


Doug's spoken word album. Selections from the works of Dickens, Coleridge, Carroll, Poe, Yeats, Twain ... to name a few. All rendered feelingly in his trademark Basso Oso Profundo.

Oak Ash & Thorn Omnibus Songbook

Hot off the presses...

After literally years of requests...and after having it called to our attention that Amazon was listing used copies of the old songbooks at $80!!....we've put the finishing touches on a new compendium of our previous publications The Drink-Along Songbook and God Bless the Human Elbow, plus an addtional section/book we call It's Not Yet Day or 'Time Gentlemen' containing both new songs and old favorites that somehow got left out of the previous releases.

At $15 bucks, this is a steal compared to the Amazonian offerings. Just add beer stains and you've got the authentic article. To view a PDF sample of the new book, click here.

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