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CD Albums

Our latest compilation: A two CD compilation drawn from our audio archives spanning the entire 40 years of OAT personnel and performance.


Old Enough To Drink

Actually, we were pushing 30 when this was recorded..

!Now Avaiable as a Digital Download at!

Sold Out in CD format, Sorry!

A compilation of both of OAT's previous vinyl releases:
Sowing Wild Oats and Out on a Limb.


Doug's spoken word album. Selections from the works of Dickens, Coleridge, Carroll, Poe, Yeats, Twain ... to name a few. All rendered feelingly in his trademark Basso Oso Profundo.


Hanes 'Beefy-T' All Cotton Shirts w/Logo Front and Back

The Elegant Logo of the World on your choice of Black or Green T-Shirts. A big monogram on the rear elevation. A small, Lacoste-style logo on the front. Chic as all get-out! Comes with authentic 'Who was I last night?' wrinkles (removable-just add water. Or beer. Or weight.).

Sold Out


Sold Out


Oak Ash & Thorn Omnibus Songbook

Hot off the presses...

After literally years of requests...and after having it called to our attention that Amazon was listing used copies of the old songbooks at $80!!....we've put the finishing touches on a new compendium of our previous publications The Drink-Along Songbook and God Bless the Human Elbow, plus an addtional section/book we call It's Not Yet Day or 'Time Gentlemen' containing both new songs and old favorites that somehow got left out of the previous releases.

At $15 bucks, this is a steal compared to the Amazonian offerings. Just add beer stains and you've got the authentic article. To view a PDF sample of the new book, click here.