Here are some of our favorite places on the World Wide Wait, and the world at large:


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Just a great site for all things 'Folk'.  Home of the Digital Tradition Folk Song Database: an online compendium of over 8000 lyrics, many stored with MIDI versions of the tune as well.

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An incredible resource for hard-to-find music, and exotic, antique, and hand-crafted musical instruments.  Also famous for their workshops and music camp.

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One of the oldest and best of the folk dance/music societies.

English Folk and Traditional Music on the Net

A FAQ-style page with copious references to Folk Music and Dance resources on the Web.

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Another FAQ page, this one promoting the American tradition of Shape Note singing typified by the Sacred Harp and Southern Harmony publications.

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Pipe-Maker to Mr. Swan.  Everything you might want to know about Highland, Scottish, English, and Borders pipes, along with a schedule of Julian's appearances in the UK and links to other pipe-enabled sites.
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The Founders of the Feast.  Seven generations of vocal tradition ringing true through three centuries.  The Coppers maintain that "It's the Songs, not the Singer..." that keep traditional music alive.  We agree up to a point.  The songs would certainly still be sung in Rottingdean, but probably not in Berkeley and Brisbane without the Coppers' to sing them first out into a wider world.

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Since 1968, arguably the Bay Area's premier venue for Traditional Music of all stripes.  Home to International Headliners and Open-mike Hopefuls alike.   And, they make incredible brownies...

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Our 'Local'.  East Bay standby for Traditional Music, particularly Irish/Celtic.   Shay Black's amiable and lively sessions every Sunday night (8 pm) are a mainstay for performers and public alike in the Bay Area; and on Monday night: Irish Dance lessons!   They don't currently have a web-site of their own, so the link provided is to their entry on another resource.

Fiddling Cricket

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A lively South Bay venue for bluegrass and traditional music.  Held in the Espresso Garden & Cafe on Bascome Ave.

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Venerable and lively San Francisco venue for music of all stripes.  It has hosted artists ranging from Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughan and Count Basie to Van Morrison, the Grateful Dead and Bobby McFerrin.  Oh...right...and us.

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Where we go for a breath of salt air, and when we feel like really bellowing in the grand chantyman tradition.  You can usually find us on the shelterdeck of the Balclutha as part of the on-going Music of the Sea concert series. 

Tickets and Info: (415) 561-6662.

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